Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

I got a JSONDecodeError. How do I resolve this?

A JSONDecodeError can be diagnosed in the following steps:

  • Check that the field entries are the same as the type that is stated in the examples and the typehints.

  • If the inputs are correct, message for help on the Discord chat! (Find link on README.)

Does the engine run on a nearest neighbor implementation?

The neighbor runs an Exact Nearest Neighbors implementation and when the number of documents exceeds 100k documents, the engine starts to run on ANN instead.

When I insert a document with the same ID what happens to the document?

The document is over-written. In order to edit the document (ie – change a field or add a new field), you can use the edit_document function.

How do I add a new field in a collection?

Currently, the only way is to run edit_document.

How do I get more search results?

To get more search results, you want to change the page_size parameter. To view the next page of results, you want to use the cursor.

Are there any limits to the API request calls?

The API requests will time out after 400 seconds. There is no limit on the size of the request or anything.

Is Vector AI able to store images and videos?

We currently do not support storing images and videos but this can be fixed by using a link to the video or image instead.